COVID Related Burnout and PTSD: Inside Edition

COVID-Related PTSD, COVID Related Burnout, Dr. Curry-Winchell

Dr. BCW, Dr. Curry-Winchell, works with Inside Edition to deliver an article and short video on COVID Related Burnout and PTSD in Healthcare workers.

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For some outside of the medical industry it might seem like the everything is just back to normal.  But for many healthcare workers the COVID pandemic has left an indelible impact on them mentally and emotionally.  The COVID pandemic brought fear, uncertainty, loss and long hours which were initially met with gratitude but as the pandemic wore on it also began to bring more and more frustrated patients that were angry with doctors and the entire healthcare system for a situation they believed as all a hoax.  There is a lot to deal with as a medical provider on a day in day out basis during “normal times” but the COVID pandemic was anything but normal and the extra stressors have seriously impacted medical providers and they are just starting to realize the impact the pandemic had.  This short article and video from Inside Edition was a great acknowledgement of the situation.  If you are in healthcare or have a loved one that works in the health care system, please make sure to check in on them and make sure they are dealing with the pandemic fall out and if they are experiencing COVID Related Burnout please find them help.

Dr. Curry-Winchell

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