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 Dr. Curry-Winchell in the media

Medical contributor Dr. Curry-Winchell (Dr. BCW) enjoys, providing medical information from beyond clinical walls. Dr. BCW is passionate about helping improve health literacy and giving people the tools so they can advocate for their personal health. Dr. Curry-Winchell has appeared on news segments for CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Newsy, Cheddar and local channels as well.  She recently started a series to hep bring health information to social media.  Whether you are on youTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, you can find Beyond Clinical Walls providing helpful health information.

Please join Dr. BCW on social media to follow her contributions to the media as a medical contributor.  You will also get great tips and information on health information, health advocacy and of course health equity.  Subscribe to her YouTube channel, follow her on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter and stay informed on all your medical questions.  If you have questions or topics you would like to see covered message Dr. BCW and ask.  Of course not all topics will be covered but your feedback helps Dr. Curry-Winchell understand the areas of interest.

Keep your eyes open on your local and national news broadcasts to catch Dr. BCW engaging as a medical contributor helping answer topics of interest. She strives to provide health information in an easy to understand way and educate on health to help people come to the health decisions they feel are best for themselves.  Rather than dictate the medical direction, Dr. BCW tries to provide the options available and the pros and cons.  Allowing you to make the best decision for you.

Finally thank you for your support.  Whether you subscribe, like, or just watch your support is incredibly important to Dr. BCW and helps her keep motivated to provide this helpful information and engage as a medical contributor.

CNN COVID Interview

CNN COVID Interview

CNN COVID Interview:  Dr. BCW, Dr. Curry-Winchell, talks with CNN about the state of affairs in the State of Nevada during the COVID pandemic. This interview as conducted during the early part of the COVID pandemic and at the time...