What the Heck is Endometriosis?!?

Dr. BCW, Dr. Curry-Winchell’s, health series Beyond Clinical Walls, answers the questions, What the Heck is Endometriosis?!?

Dr. BCW reviews Endometriosis.  A disease that can be very hard to diagnose.  Endometriosis often takes years if not decades to identify.  It is often dismissed as normal period pain.  But if left untreated Endometriosis can be a serious medical condition.  For more information check on the most recent Beyond Clinical Walls video.  So if you have ever wondered, What the Heck is Endometriosis?!?, check out this episode of Beyond Clinical Walls.  Make sure to share it with women in your life that might be impacted as well.  Learning more and early treatment can make a big difference.

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