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Hi, I’m Dr. Bayo Curry-Winchell, known as Dr. BCW. In an enlightening episode of Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast, I spoke with Jay Guilford, a specialist in leadership and DEI training. His work with giants like Google and Uber has now branched into advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare.

Insights on Leadership Diversity

  1. Personal Experiences: Jay recounted his healthcare experiences, shedding light on the biases in medical treatment. Of course, as a black female physician, I share some of my experiences as well.
  2. Why DEI Matters in Healthcare: Our chat centered on the critical need for DEI training in the medical field. Jay’s personal story underscored how biases can dangerously sway patient care.
  3. Broadening DEI Scope: We delved into the vast realm of DEI, moving beyond just anti-racism. It’s about embracing all forms of diversity in leadership roles, especially in healthcare.
  4. The Journey of Learning: Emphasizing self-education, we talked about understanding our biases to offer more compassionate and effective healthcare.
  5. Actionable Steps: I shared practical tips for listeners, particularly healthcare professionals, to enhance their DEI understanding and application. It’s a continuous learning process for better healthcare delivery.


Of course, this podcast episode was a deep dive into the importance of diversity in leadership within healthcare. Join us in this vital discussion to foster a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system.

Check out the full podcast: https://www.beyondclinicalwallspodcast.com/2118184/14245963

To learn more about Jay Gilford’s work check out: https://www.coworkslead.com/

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Embracing Diversity in Leadership and Healthcare: Insights from Jay Guilford